Listen to a selection of Andrew's tracks here, or click on the buttons below to visit bandcamp, soundcloud, spotify, or iTunes. You can buy music from his shop on this site or via bandcamp or iTunes.


This video features the amazing Lucky 13, double-neck, 13 stringed instrument made by Jack Dudley of Don't Fret Instruments and Sipsey River Steels, you can find his facebook page on the button below.


Andrew Winton performing live, a track called 'Socks and Sandals' from the new album.

Andrew Winton performs 'Number's Down' on an Ellis Guitar, this video has passed half a million views.

Andrew Winton playing 'Can't Slow Down', a reworking of this song appears on his upcoming new album.


This video features the beautiful Wintonbeast guitar, a 7 string lap guitar/bass built by Dave Worthy of Worthy guitars in Australia. You can find his website via the link on the button below.

Here Andrew is playing an Ellis lap guitar and stompbox made by Andrew Ellis at Ellis Guitars in Australia. Click on the link to see more of Andrew's fine creations.

Andrew uses Alaska Piks - check them out here

Andrew uses John Pearse strings - check them out here

Andrew is proud to be a patron of Fairbridge Festival - check it out!

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Andrew Winton bandcamp

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